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Writing Sample
July 2014
Writing Samples

Three PDF files created for a financial services company. Please click on the images or the links to download the files. These are low-res online versions, not the original print-ready versions.

IRA Strategy Guide
3.48 MB | ira_strategy_guide_erikeven.pdf

Precious Metals Guide
4.67 MB | precious_metals_guide_erikeven.pdf

Coin Guide
1.10 MB | coin_guide_2014_erikeven.pdf

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Erik David Even

My name is Erik David Even, and I am an experienced writer, editor, copyeditor, web producer, and Internet marketer from Los Angeles, California. After six years as a web designer, I moved full time into copywriting, inbound marketing, and web production. I have a decade of experience in web, email, and social media marketing, content creation, and journalism for variety of industries — film, music, video games, law, employment, real estate, retail, and medicine.

Goldco Precious Metals

These are the PDF versions of three print marketing brochures I produced. I wrote the text copy, adapting text from previous print materials, and researched and wrote new content. I worked with the graphic designer to produce the final InDesign document. These materials are snailmailed to potential clients when they first contact the company.