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July 2014
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I created this politcally-themed e-book for a financial services company. Download the e-book: 0.500 MB | HR2847_guide_2014_erikeven.pdf. I have included sample text:

So what are the concerns about FATCA? Will it mean the end of the world?

First the positives. In 2008, a Senate report that found that tax haven banks were helping wealthy Americans evade $100 billion per year in income taxes. “Tax havens are engaged in economic warfare against the United States, and the honest, hardworking American taxpayer is losing,” according to Senator Carl Levin (D-MI). “The iron ring of secrecy around tax haven banks and their deceptive banking practices enable[s] and encourage[s] tax cheats to hide assets from the United States. Congress needs to enact strong penalties on tax haven banks that help US taxpayers avoid paying taxes to Uncle Sam.”

It’s true that the government needs to act to prevent tax avoidance by those Americans who can afford to shuffle their assets overseas. If the taxes we charge on those with foreign assets are too high, then we need to lower those tax rates. But we can’t just let people on Wall Street hide their money, and only pay the taxes they feel like paying — especially when people on Main Street don’t have that option.

Criticism of FATCA abounds, however. Republican lawmakers warn that the costs of implementing the scheme will far outstrip the lost tax revenue recovered; some estimates claim it will generate costs 100 times the revenue. More importantly, the act is unsurprisingly not popular with foreign banks and financial firms, who don’t like being forced to expend the money, time, and resources to follow the onerous regulations of the US government.

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I wrote the copy and created the layout for this e-book, distributed to customers of a financial services company.